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Early this year – according to WRAL in Raleigh, NC – a judge there ordered a computer repair business to pay dozens of customers $10,425 in restitution and $455,000 in civil penalties. In this particular case, customers’ computers were returned with parts missing from them or not returned at all. This is an extreme example of what can go wrong when people who are unqualified and untrustworthy are hired to fix your computer. It does show the importance of finding computer repair techs that are qualified and can service many different components of your computer system. Laserjet Repair Co, Computer & Printer Repair has a team of technicians who are more than simple copier or printer techs; they are certified specialists who have attended classes led by HP instructors. They specialize in laser printer repair and can get your system up and going whether you are receiving those indecipherable printer errors or printing corrupted images or having any other problems.

Although printers are considered a ‘peripheral’ to a computer system – just like speakers or routers – anyone who has ever had a printer malfunction when an important document needed to be produced would probably disagree. Whether they are used in the home or the office, printers are an integral part of our any computer system. This is why it is important when something goes wrong with them, that someone who is qualified can intervene and get your busy life back on track.

Of course, other things can and do go wrong with a computer system apart from the printer. This is why finding someone who can service your entire computer system – not just the printer – is so critical. Here at Laserjet Repair Co we specialize in repairing everything from laptops to desktops to printers to fax machines. The brands we service are varied as well and include Dell, Fujistu, Konica, Canon and many others. We even offer 25 dollars off for first time on-site customers for computer and laserjet repair in Ann Arbor, 4-8 hour on-site service response, a complete preventive maintenance cleaning performed on every call and a 90 day parts and service warranty.

In summary, there is a price for letting the wrong people service your computer system and it goes beyond money. By not choosing the right people—ones who can repair your entire system—you can lose personal information, such as family photos and passwords as well as time. Choose wisely and save that time, save that all important data and protect your investment by selecting people who specialize in printer repair in Ann Arbor, give Laserjet Repair Co a call today.