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It seems like no matter what you do, you’ll always have printer problems. The more cutting edge the technology, the more easily it seems to break. It always happens right when you really need something printed, and the only thing you know about fixing them is turning them on and off and maybe resetting the cartridge. Maybe sometimes this works, but the printer keeps breaking with increasing frequency. At this point, there’s nothing you can do. You need to call in the experts.

It should be no big surprise that printers are fickle. Think about what they do— taking digital files and turning them into physical, readable images on a page. There are so many moving parts involved to make this happen, it’s almost a marvel when they do work.

As you may imagine, the earliest printers derived from printing press technology. Metal rods shaped like typing characters dipped in ink and pressed against paper to create high-quality prFeatured imageints. The first “computer printer” used number rods attached to Charles Babbage’s difference machine, a 19th century precursor to the calculator.

Into the 20th century, typewriters were the most common tool for putting text on paper, and most computer printers into the 1980s used similar “dolly-wheel” technology. For faster printing, people used line printers, which printed entire lines at a time. These systems still used character shaped rods. Dot matrix systems emerged for mixing text with graphics, but the results were very low quality.

In 1984, HP released the first LaserJet, and the following year, Apple improved their LaserWriter system. These advancements made it possible for consumers to do high quality, mixed media printing from home. In 1988, the DeskJet made this technology even more affordable. By 2000, high quality printers cost less than one hundred dollars, and they became commonplace at home and in the office.

At Laser Jet Repair, we’re constantly in awe of printers. We’re certified in printer repairs for more brands and models than any independent company in the Michigan, Greater Detroit Metro and Toledo areas. Our experienced technicians will give your printer the full repair treatment: diagnosis, repair, preventative work, and they’ll explain to you how to keep it in good shape. Aside from printers, we also specialize in repairs for laptop and desktop computers as well as copier and fax machines. If you’re tired of temporary fixes and want to get your machine back to its full potential, give us a call.